Week 4

January 20 – Joshua – Joshua 23-24

In today’s reading we come to the end of Joshua’s life.  Joshua was a servant that could always be found close to Moses.  He was humble, yet a warrior.  Joshua learned not to be swayed by family, friends, or peers.  Now as he addresses the leadership of the tribes of the Israelites, he calls upon them to make some decisions for their families.  He first challenges to love God (Joshua 23:11),  to fear and serve God (Joshua 24:14), and to make a choice (Joshua 24:15).  It is interesting to come to the understanding that if they were to choose God, than they must get rid of all other gods.  It was impossible to entertain both.

Joshua’s famous saying “but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” was a decision that he was making for his entire family.  As the leader of his house, he was making the choice for everyone in his house.  We desperately need more leaders of homes today to have the gumption to lay down the expectations for their house to serve the only living, real God.