March 28 – Judas – Mark 3:19, 14:3-11, 43-49

In the list of disciples that we read in Mark 3, Judas is labeled as a betrayer.  He gained this reputation thru a very bad action that resulted in Jesus’ capture which led to Jesus’ crucifixion.  The betrayal did not happen on a whim.  Judas allowed wrong thoughts and ideas to be continually entertained in his mind long before his betrayal of Christ.  This shows the importance of having “the mind of Christ” in our lives.  To control ones thoughts is to control ones actions.  If you allow wrong feelings and thoughts, you will undoubtedly manifest wrong actions.

In Matthew 27 Judas is remorseful of his actions.  He attempts to return the “blood money” that he accepted to betray Christ.  It appears he is either trying to make things right, or trying to clear his conscience of his sin.  After he is unsuccessful in this attempt, he tries to escape through the avenue of suicide.  Even in suicide, he is unsuccessful at escaping his sin.  Just like each of us, his only chance at forgiveness and escaping the guilt of his sin was Jesus Christ.  We all must humble ourselves.  We must realize that we cannot cleanse ourselves from our sins.  We must ask God’s forgiveness, and accept what Jesus did for us when He died, was buried, and rose from the grave for our sins.