February 18 – Manasseh – 2 Chronicles 33:1-20

Manasseh was another king that ruled at a young age.  He was 12 years of age when he began, but the very next verse labels him as another evil king.  In this passage today we see an emphasis on Menasseh causing his subjects to sin.  When he was humbled, he repented and prayed for forgiveness.  God granted his request by sparing his life and returning him to his kingdom.  Immediately Manasseh began trying to correct his wrongs.  He tore down the altars built to strange gods and idols and repaired the altar of the Lord.  He really made an effort to do right.  Verse 17 brings attention to the fact that although Manasseh repented, the people that he led into sin did not repent.  We must understand that when we backslide, we affect others.  Just because we can repent and recover, does not mean those that we affected will follow our example of repentance.  Let’s be careful to keep our focus on pleasing God.