March 21 – Matthew – Matthew 9:10-13

Matthew was directly called by Jesus to follow Christ.  It may seem odd that Jesus would call a tax collector, which occupation had the reputation as being less than honest.  Why wouldn’t have Jesus called one that already knew and practiced Scripture?  Why did it seem that Jesus was so comfortable around publicans and sinners?  The Pharisees picked up on the fact that Jesus was eating with sinners, and tried nailing the disciples to the wall over this fact.  Jesus intercedes his disciple rebuttal to make it clear to the Pharisees as to why Jesus was on this earth.  The Pharisees, like sick people who think they are well, thought they were righteous but in fact were quite sinful.  The Pharisees needed Jesus as much as the publicans and sinners, but they did not see their need.  Jesus urged the Pharisees to “go ye and learn what that meaneth.”

Matthew had a pliable heart that was willing to see himself for what he was . . . a sinner in need of a Saviour.  How pliable is your heart toward Jesus?  Matthew left all and followed Christ.  Matthew became a disciple (follower) of Christ.  Would you label yourself as a follower or disciple of Christ?  To follow is to imply action is being taken.  How do you follow Christ?  What do you do that Christ did, and asked you to do the same?