January 15 – Miriam – Exodus 15:1-21

As a young girl, Miriam was instrumental in saving the life of a three-month-old Moses.  In today’s passage, we witness Miriam being called a prophetess.  Miriam is shown being a leader among the women.  God has used women throughout the Bible to accomplish great things.  Here we see the vital importance of correct leadership among the ladies.  

If our churches are going to be vibrant and pleasing to the Lord, there will need to be ladies fully behind God’s work.  Miriam served out of a grateful heart.  Nobody had to command Miriam to sing and praise the Lord.  She followed Moses’ example in verse one.  The women followed her example, not her teaching.  

Praise the Lord for godly ladies!!

Let’s ask ourselves:  Do I serve out of a grateful heart?  Am I setting an example worth following?