January 14 – Moses – Exodus 5:1 thru 6:13; 14:5-31

All the many different miraculous ways God used Moses can be attributed to one great philosophy that Moses adopted.  As we read the ups and downs of Moses’ leading the Israelites out of Egypt this philosophy floats to the surface.  Many times you will read of the Israelites complaining to Moses and blaming them for their plight.  After finally successfully leading the Israelites out of Egypt, they run into the Red Sea with the Egyptian army closing in fast.  If I were Moses, Exodus 14:11-12 would have been the moment that I feel like walking away with my hands in the air while shrugging my shoulders; muttering something like “good luck.”  After everything Moses had done for them, they blame him for their predicament.  The philosophy that allowed Moses to keep his sanity was that, what Moses did, he did for the Lord.  He did not do it expecting a “thank you” or any other reaction.  So, when the people that he did the most for turned on him, he was able to continue with the job that God gave him.  Let me encourage you today to do what you do for the Lord.  Do not allow someone’s reaction or lack of reaction determine if what you did was worthwhile.  If you did it as unto the Lord, it was worthwhile!  Matthew 25:40