April 20 – Nathanael -John 1:43 thru 2:11, & 21:1-13

Nathanael is introduced to Jesus before Jesus began His earthly ministry of teaching, preaching, and performing miracles.  Philip, like Andrew, invited Nathanael to come see Jesus.  Nathanael was quite skeptical about Jesus’ background from Nazareth.  Upon meeting Jesus, Jesus immediately commends Nathanael for being a man with no guile (deceit or trickery).  This is based on the events that happened to Nathanael under the fig tree before meeting Philip.  Jesus knowing this was enough to prove to Nathanael that Jesus was the Messiah they were all looking for.  Do you remember when you found Jesus?  What happened to cause you to know that Jesus was the Son of God that you must accept to go to Heaven?  Did you have a friend or someone that introduced you to Jesus?  Take some time today to thank God for this individual.  If they are still living, make it a point today to communicate to them your appreciation of their part in your coming to Christ.

Nathanael was one of the three mentioned by name out of the seven disciples to go fishing in chapter 21.  In this story, seven of the disciples have lost their purpose, focus, and direction of what they are to supposed to do in the ministry.  As they are fishing, Jesus calls to them.  By the time they get to shore, Jesus has a meal prepared for them to eat.  Sometimes in the Christian life we get sidetracked, and find ourselves focused on “fishing.”  Just as in this story Jesus will call you back, and Jesus will have refreshment waiting for you.  God is so good, even when we don’t see it.