February 21 – Nehemiah – Nehemiah 1-2

Nehemiah was recorded in the same time frame as Ezra.  As Ezra’s focus was to bring the remnant Jews back to Jerusalem, Nehemiah’s focus was to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall and gates.  Nehemiah’s good intentions, bold vision, and hard work are met with opposition.  There have always been, and will always be, opposition to God’s work.  If you choose obey God’s Word and choose to serve God in any capacity, you can expect opposition.  Nehemiah pressed on through skepticism, criticism, and physical attack.  Why?  Because God had given him a job and he was determined to do it.  May we be as determined to be godly husbands, wives, parents, co-workers, and church members.  May we accept the responsibility God has given to us, and not be swayed to become less godly, but determined to build more walls of godliness in our lives.