Week 10

March 2 – Phinehas – Psalm 106; Joshua 22:10-34

Phinehas was the priest during this time.  He was leading the leader of each of the ten tribes as they were making an objection to an altar seemingly built to compete with the altar of the true God.  They were concerned that God’s judgment would be brought down like it was in the mention of Peor (verse 18).  The iniquity of Poor refers to the time when Israel joined Midian in worshipping Baal of the region of Peor, east of the Jordan River.  In Numbers 25:1-13 Phinehas executed an Israelite man and a Midianite woman who were engaged in this carnal ritual.

The people being questioned for their motives assured Phinehas they were not rebeling against God (verses 22-29).  It is interesting to find the children of Israel blessed God with their answer and actions (verse 33).

Consider how difficult it must have been for Phinehas to approach and question the children of Israel about their motives.