January 9 – Rebekah – Genesis 27

In today’s reading we witness a breakdown of the family unit.  It is a clear portrayal of what happens when the leader of the household (the father) is not supported by the wife and mother.  It magnifies the family being torn apart directly influenced by Rebekah not fulfilling her main purpose in the home (to be a help meet Genesis 2:18).  Through her actions, her favorite child, Jacob, had to leave home.  

As sad as the events are portrayed, there is a great attribute that Isaac and Rebekah shared making their relationship very strong.  Through the entire process, I do not find any finger pointing or accusations being made.  When the problem of Jacob’s safety needed to be addressed, they came together to make the best decision.  It is important for our family units, for the parents to be on the same page.  It is important for the wife to support the husband’s decisions.  It is also important when a mistake is made, forgiveness is exercised, and blame is not thrown around.  Who is it that you need to consciously forgive today?  Ephesians 4:32