January 24 – Samson – Judges 13-16

Samson is known as the strongest man in the Bible.  Solomon is known as the wisest man in the Bible.  Both men had a weakness for women, and this weakness was what ultimately defeated them.  We find in the beginning of Samson’s life that God used this weakness to give Samson a cause to fight against the Philistines (Judges 14:4).  Samson could have avoided many headaches and possibly an early death if he would have just sold out to what God designed for his life as a judge.  Gideon obeyed God without sinful heartaches.  God was determined to use Samson for His cause whether Samson did it out of love for the Lord or bitter vengeance caused by sin in his life. 

How much more could God have used Samson if he had a pure heart?  How much pain could Samson have avoided if he would have determined to just please God?  Samson missed out on a godly family of his own and so much more, because of a rebellious spirit.  Let’s determine in our lives to just Please God.  Let’s place God’s plan as the most important action to accomplish on a daily basis.