January 31 – Saul – I Samuel 18-19

Saul was chosen to be the first king in Israel.  In chapter 9 verse 2 the Bible states that Saul was a choice, goodly man, and none better in all Israel.  

As we read in chapters 18-19 we see a lot of jealousy, greed, and hate.  What happened to Saul that would turn him into such a person?  Why did he become so self-centered?  He turned into a man that was concerned about his own legacy and what people thought of him, that it turned him into this bitter man.  As you read today’s passage you will find Saul’s mindset and actions will all point back to one specific sin with which he struggled.  It is a sin that many “goodly” and godly folks today still struggle.  It is a sin that does not respect how spiritual you are to attack the individual.  This is the same sin that conquered Lucifer when he was a powerful angel in Heaven.  Yep, you guessed it . . . “Pride!”  This sin has kept many people from going to Heaven.  This sin has destroyed many marriages.  Its destructive force has used by satan to harm many families and churches.  What do I need to do to avoid such an outcome as Saul?  Simply put . . . Please God!  Don’t just obey.  Don’t just do the things that God will allow.  Put a smile on the Lord’s face today.  As a parent, my kids can do things that are permissible in our home, but they can also do things that put a smile on my face, and I am pleased with them.  Find a way to do something that will Please God today.