May 1 – Simon the Sorcerer – Acts 8:9-25

As we reread a section of the passage we read yesterday, we highlight a man named Simon who was mentioned in verse 8.  Simon was a well-known sorcerer.  He was well accustomed to using magic (using satanic powers) to influence others.  Philip’s preaching got Simon’s attention, but it was his performing of miracles that really impressed Simon.  It states in verse 13 that Simon believed and was baptized, but his mindset and actions in the following verses reveal that he had a “head” salvation not a “heart” salvation.  When Simon approached Peter and John with the prospect of purchasing the power of the Holy Ghost, Peter replied that his heart was not right with God and that he needed to repent to God as Simon was in the bond of iniquity.  It happens all too often when a person likes the idea of being saved, to go through the motions and believe mentally with the mind, but do not believe with the heart.  You see, when a person believes with the heart, changes are naturally made to accommodate Jesus’ involvement in their life.  Salvation is not through a procedure, but through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Salvation is not a random prayer, but a communication with Jesus Christ asking forgiveness and trusting His payment for our sin.  Salvation is the beginning of a relationship with Jesus.  Simon did not want the effects of sin, but did not show any remorse or repentance for the sin.  We need to continue to pray for a true repentant salvation for those we love that we are unsure if they are saved or not.