March 31 – The Gentile Woman – Mark 7:24-30 Today we read of a Gentile woman asking Jesus for a miracle.  She is asking Jesus to cast out demons in her daughter.  It is interesting that she comes to Jesus in a humble manner falling at His feet, just like Jairus and the Maniac of the Gadarenes.  We find Jesus granting this woman’s request because of her response to Jesus in verse 28.  Jesus had come first to the Jew, then later Paul would target the Gentile.  This woman’s faith that Jesus could and would heal a Gentile prompted Jesus to grant this miracle.  We serve the same God that Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and all the great men of the Bible.  God is excited to work in our lives just like He worked in those men.  It is up to our faith. It is noteworthy to mention when the woman returned home, she found her daughter laid upon the bed.  When God works in your life, He brings rest, comfort, and peace of mind.  Satan is the one that brings anxiety, worry, and restlessness.  Why not apply James 4:7 to your life today?  It is important to accomplish both actions in this verse; submit to God, and resist the devil.