March 20 – The Magi – Matthew 2

The wise men were eastern magi which were associated with diviner priests, mediums, and sorcerers.  Daniel 2 gives a brief description of these men.  Paul’s encounter with one named Elymas was portrayed as having direct connections with the devil. 

We do not know much about these magi.  How many actually made the journey?  Where exactly was their home?  How did they find the star?  And many more questions.  We do know they were prepared to come into the presence of Jesus.  They brought what they treasured to be given to Jesus.  All of us treasure different things.  Some value hobbies, while others might value things.  Some value their job, while others might value family.  Some value their church, while others value sports.  Your treasure is what you value.  We are to bring our treasures to Jesus as a gift for Him to enjoy however He sees fit.  This gift is to be given without strings attached.  Many times well meaning Christians find themselves giving something to Jesus, church projects, or missions with the intention of receiving something due to their gift.  This is of course, a mistake.  Let’s follow Christ’s example when He gave everything expecting nothing in return.  One valuable asset we all possess is our time.  How will you give some of your time to Jesus today?