April 3 – The Poor Widow – Mark 12:41-44

The poor widow is known for giving two mites.  She is also mentioned by Luke in chapter 21.  Jesus first noticed the rich men throwing in much money because of the noise it produced.  The trumpet shaped coffers amplified the sound of the coins when they were dropped in making it obvious when the rich men dropped in “much.”  Jesus also sees the poor widow giving the two mites (one-fourth of a penny).  Jesus was not minimizing or criticizing the rich for giving much, but rather, highlighting the sacrifice of the widow.  If anyone had an excuse not to give, it was this widow.  What did she give?  Possibly her next meal, a small tool to help her make money, or a little luxury item.  Maybe an item she needed like shoes, clothes, and etcetera.  What did she give?  She gave all.