April 1 – The Rich Young Man – Mark 10:17-31

The rich young man was a rare example of Jesus recruiting another disciple, but was rejected by a promising pupil.  Just like he recruited His other disciples, Jesus told this young man to “follow me.”  What do we know about this young man?  He pursued Jesus as “he came running” in verse 17.  We know he wanted to go to Heaven.  We know he was a  smart man as he knew where to go to get to Heaven (v.17).  He was a humble man as he came to Jesus on his knees in the same fashion as the Gentile woman and Jairus.  We know this man was a good man (v. 20).  We know that he trusted in his riches for his security (v. 24).  

The disciples were shocked that Jesus would say that this man would not go to Heaven.  This young man was that good of a person!

As one who has trusted Christ as Saviour, I too can be guilty of placing my security in earthly things.  I can place my security in money.  I can place it in my preparedness for hard times.  I can place it in guns.  I can place it in family.  There are many avenues of security that I can place my security.  This man just happen to place it in riches.   

For today’s application we can say that many have placed their security in our government.  If we follow our governments guidelines, we find security of health.  It is wise to follow a plan to maintain good health, but it is important to always recognize the One who ultimately controls our health.  It is good to follow government guidelines until they cross the line of God’s guidelines, like the mayor of New York has done.  When I must choose to please my government or please my God, I have little choice but to please God.

Verse 21 said Jesus loved this man.  Even though Jesus loved him, and wanted the best for him; it was up to the young man to make the decision.  Jesus loves us more than we can understand, and He wants the best for us; but it is up to us to just trust Him.  

Jesus told His disciples that nobody sacrifices anything when they choose to place God as priority number one.  He said we would receive an hundredfold (100 times our sacrifice) here on this earth and in the world to come eternal life (v. 29-31).  Jesus does give warning that you can expect persecutions.          

The signs of His return are increasing.  How exciting to be living in these days!  What a day that will be!!  Wouldn’t it be great if it were today?!?!