March 24 – The Sadducees – Matthew 22:23-46

The Sadducees were another religious sect of the Jewish population.  They believed that humans cease to exist once physical death occurs.  They definitely did not believe in the resurrection.  Paul used this disagreement between the Pharisees and the Sadducees in Acts 23:6-8 to divide their assault on him.  

In today’s reading, the Pharisees and Sadducees have united under the guise of a common enemy which was Jesus Christ.  The Sadducees contradictory question was posed in such a way as to get Jesus to disprove the doctrine of the resurrection using the Levitical Law of marrying a dead brother’s barren wife.  Let me stress the fact that the Bible does not contradict itself.  Be aware of the attack on God and the Bible when someone asks a question, using Scripture to prove a point, with the intention of discrediting a Biblical Doctrine.  I have heard many people use Scripture out of context and justify the sin they are living in because “they are living under grace.”  This is exactly what the Sadducees were doing in this passage.

Jesus silenced them completely when He questioned the status of Christ.  If you try to be a witness for Jesus Christ, inevitably you will come across questions you are unable to answer, and verses you do not know how to explain.  Do NOT stop being a witness for Christ!  Do what Jesus did in verses 41-45.  Jesus focused all their attention on who Christ was.  Jesus is God in the flesh.  Yes, He is the Son of God.  He is also co-equal with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.  Many religions cannot grasp this main doctrine taught throughout the entire Bible, because if they did, many of their religious works and traditions are written off as useless, and nobody likes to be wrong.  If a religion portrays any part of going to Heaven is derived on our actions, that religion is wrong and God’s Word is right.  In this time of hidden truths, fake news, and governmental control; the truth is desperately needed.  You will find the absolute truth in the Bible, and even more specifically in Jesus’ teachings.