April 22 – The Samaritan Woman – John 4:1-42

The Samaritan Woman, otherwise known as “the Woman at the Well,” had no idea who Jesus was when she met Him.  Jesus asks her two questions that catch her off guard.  First, Jesus asks her for a drink of water.  She did not understand this because He was a Jew and she was a Samaritan.  In the second question, Jesus ask her if she would like water that will quench her thirst eternally and lead to life everlasting.  After her understanding of who Jesus was, she began telling others about Jesus.  Immediately, she begins to try to bring people to Jesus.

In verses 36-38 Jesus speaks of the vital importance of the sower and the reaper.  The one that sows the gospel will rejoice with the one that was able to reap the fruits of the sower.  It is important for us to sow the gospel, by telling others about the Gospel of Jesus, even though we may never be able to lead that person to Christ.  Some other Christian telling others about Jesus just may lead the person in which you originally planted the Gospel seed.  Both the sower and the reaper will rejoice together in Heaven.  It is exciting to think about all the folks that I was able to give the Gospel and chose not to accept Christ at the time, may accept Christ at a later date with another Christian, and we will meet again in Heaven.  Praise the Lord!  Let’s keep sharing the Gospel with others.