November 2 – Wisdom’s View of Creation – Proverbs 8

In verses 22-34, wisdom was possessed by God before the earth existed.  Wisdom is represented by the word “me” in this chapter.  Wisdom witnessed all the rest of God’s creative activity; therefore, wisdom is in the unique position to explain creation.  This is a figurative way to say that God is its source.  True wisdom only comes from God.  Verses 30-31 points out that wisdom was rejoicing in God’s creation.  It is impossible to fully celebrate creation without acknowledging God.  It is impossible to fully understand God’s sovereignty without acknowledging God’s creation.  Our approach to wisdom concerning the creation carries rewards or curses.  In verses 34-36 we read of both.  It is great to go for a walk, look around, and praise God for His creation.  Wisdom is everywhere, and we can start by looking at God’s creation.

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