December 22 – Workers in the Vineyard – Matthew 20

In verses 1 thru 16, Jesus teaches through a parable.  The last verse in chapter 19 and the sixteenth verse in chapter 20, introduce and end the parable.  Many of Jesus’ parables are followed by a detailed explanation, but this one does not.  Several truths can be extracted from this story, and I would encourage you to dig them out and apply them.  The one I will look at  speaks about the first workers feeling like they deserve more than the last workers.  Their attitude reveals their motivation.  They desired to have more honor and preeminence.  These workers became offended over not receiving more that the last workers that did not do as much work.  We are supposed to let our desire to please God be our motivation.  We should desire for ALL the honor to be directed to God.  Praise the Lord we are allowed to work in the Lord’s vineyard!