President Calvin Coolidge was a classic Vermonter, but not a classic politician. He was a man of few words, great common sense, and very strong character. Even after his presidency, he remained very popular with the American people. One of his traits was the ability to remain cool under pressure – such as the day when a letter was handed to him in Los Angeles warning of a plot to assassinate him. Coolidge blandly handed the note to his guard with just five simple words: “Guess this belongs to you.”  

And he was right – that’s what guards are for, it’s what they specialize in.

In like fashion Psalm 37:5 says we are to “commit our way unto the Lord, trust also in Him.”  It is foolish to fret about things we have no control over. Let’s practice doing better at turning things over to the Lord! As the old song says: “Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there.” Yes, it does belong to Him.