While recalling the British Open golf tournament that was played in England, I noticed the effort that was taken to thank the tournament volunteers.  There were 1,800+ volunteers that worked and sacrificed to pull off all the details to make a successful Open. They did not do it for attention but because they believed the tournament to be very important.  It was something they enjoyed doing for a “worthy cause.” 

I could not help but think of the many people that work, give, sacrifice, and are faithful here at Crusade to help make what we do a success against the devil.  They do it not for accolades, but because they believe it is very important and well-pleasing to the Lord.  The reason for what we do is not for a sport or an event, but to expand the kingdom of Heaven and to Honor God.  It is something we enjoy, and we are certain it is a worthy cause!  Not one of us could do it all by ourselves,

but Together Everyone Accomplishes More.  Thank you for being part of Crusade Baptist Church.  May God continue to bless us as we serve the Lord together.