June 30 – Paul Testifies – Acts 26

King Agrippa is holding a trial for Paul, and asks Paul to testify for himself.  Even in this serious and difficult situation, Paul was “happy” to tell the King what is was that made such a big difference in his life.  First Paul describes himself to the King as someone wha was religious and worked hard serving his religious leaders.  Paul tells of the story where God reveals to Paul his sin and his need of being saved.  After finishing his testimony story, King Agrippa replies with one of the saddest decisions in the Bible.  Acts 26:28  “Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.”  Even today, King Agrippa is regretting his decision as he is still burning in Hell.

Let me encourage you to make a good decision today.  If you have never been saved or born again, please say “yes” to Christ’s invitation today.  Do not say “I am almost persuaded,” “I will do it tomorrow,” or any other excuse not to get saved.  Then let me encourage the Christian to be “happy” to share with everyone how you got saved in hopes of helping someone else.