July 25 – King Saul’s Experience – 1 Samuel 10

Today’s reading contains the story of the Holy Spirit becoming active in Saul’s life.  Samuel comes to Saul ready to anoint him as the first King of Israel.  In verse 6 Samuel tells Saul that when the Holy Spirit comes into Saul’s life, he will be turned into another man.  In verse 9 we read that God gives Saul another heart when he begins to leave from Samuel’s presence.  The way the Holy Spirit manifested Himself in Saul’s life was through prophecy.  To prophecy means to foretell the future.  To foresee the end of the path if a certain path or action is taken. 

Here is yet another way the Holy Spirit is valuable in our lives today.  Christians can have the same Holy Spirit in their life that Saul had in his life.  The Holy Spirit is the GPS or guide that we desperately need to listen to and follow on a daily basis.