July 27 – Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation – Matthew 3 thru 4:10 

In chapter 3 we read about the baptism of Jesus.  It is after Jesus was baptized, and when He came out of the water, that the Holy Spirit revealed Himself in the likeness of a dove to those around Jesus.  I have heard over the years of someone’s vision of seeing the Holy Spirit, and have been asked if this has ever happened before.  Whether or not they saw the Holy Spirit, I could not confirm, but as we read this account; it definitely has happened before.

In chapter 4 we read again about the Holy Spirit leading Jesus.  In previous devotions, we have read about the Holy Spirit giving supernatural strength and the gift of prophecy.  Today we read about being led by the Holy Spirit.  We gravitate to the idea that if we are led by the Spirit than not only God’s will is done, but also, life will be a bed on roses on this earth.  This story contradicts this idea.  With the leading of the Holy Spirit, Jesus’ bed of roses turned into a bed of thorns.  Verse one specifically says that the Spirit led Jesus into the Wilderness to be tempted (or tested) of the devil.  The Spirit led Jesus into three intense trials.  Just because a Christian is going through a trial does not mean that the Holy Spirit is not leading him.  The Holy Spirit did give Jesus strength and mental sharpness for the spiritual warfare that Jesus had with the devil.  Let’s not doubt the Holy Spirit’s leading when troublesome times come.  Let’s not undue a decision in doubt what we decided in faith.