August 13 – A Day in the Life of Jesus – Mark 9

In this chapter we find Jesus meeting with Elijah and Moses, casting out a demon from a young boy, training His disciples in the doctrine of fasting and prayer, instructing his disciples in their relationships with each other, pointing out the importance of the treatment of children, and challenging every Christian to be salty.  To say Jesus was busy would be to put it lightly.  Each activity could be a great doctrinal study.  Jesus had great wisdom and patience to constantly teach the same doctrines over and over again.  His method of teaching included repetition and many “bite sized” pieces of information so as to digest these teachings thoroughly.  Let me encourage you to continue to read the Bible, go to church, memorize scripture, and serve in a ministry as you grow.  If you wait to understand all of Christ’s teachings before you begin practicing any of His teachings; you will never understand or practice His teachings.  It is much like going to school: until you practice the “ABC’s” you will never learn to read or write.  All learning is done in steps.  Wherever you are in your Christian life, let be encourage you to take the next step – even if you do not understand it yet.