September 22 – Courageous Nehemiah – Nehemiah 2

Nehemiah was courageous in his rebuilding the wall.  Courage is acting in the face of fear.  What fears did Nehemiah face?  He had to face the fear of recognizing the condition of Jerusalem.  He had to face the fear of his part in causing Jerusalem’s poor condition.  He had to face the fear of who he must get the permission and help to rebuild.  He had to face the fear of scornful people.  He had to face the daunting physical task and hard work of rebuilding.  As Christians we must also recognize our faults and own them, and recognize the poor spiritual condition we are in due to them.  We must face and enlist the help of our fellow brothers in Christ to rebuild in our own lives.  We will face scornful people, but cannot allow them to slow us down or make us veer to the side.  We must understand and be willing to face the daunting task of hard work to rebuild.  Let me shout as loud as I can . . . It Is Worth It!!  Let’s be courageous and face our fears with action.