This passage contains the instructions for the tabernacle, which was like a tent, that the people would be able to take down and put up whenever God led them to a different place.

One thing that stuck out to me is that God wanted the curtains and vales to be made in a particular style with embroideries of cherubims. He denotes that it should be cunning work. The word cunning means skillful. Imagine the person(s) who were chosen to do this cunning work. They may have always had a talent for creative weaving and embroidery styles, it was probably one of their life’s passions and God used that. The second thing is that Moses would have had to have recognized that talent in that particular person or people.

God gave each of us talents that he wants us to use to glorify him. I know that our LIT group is full of talented young people, we have musicians and artists, and athletes, etc. Sometimes we’re not great at figuring out our own talents but we can clearly see talents in other people. Be sure to acknowledge and encourage your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ when you notice that they have a talent. You’ll brighten their day plus you’ll give them that confidence to be able to use that talent for the Lord!

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