Moses is still on the mount and receives the law written with God’s own fingertip. The children of Israel decide to backslide into idolatry while Moses is up on the mountain.

It’s interesting to me that the people recognize their need for God, but are so quick to fill that void with a cheap, false substitute. They disobeyed the very first law that was given to them. This is why Moses is a type of Christ of the old testament. He intercedes on behalf of people even after God says that he would make a great nation from Moses. Moses loves his brethren and wants to lead them to the promised land. Jesus loves us in a multitude of ways by intercession, by leading through his teaching and example, but most importantly by being the perfect sin offering and the only way to the Father.

We can honor God by following the leaders that he’s put in our lives, our parents, pastors, teachers, righteous governing. But most importantly we need to be following the footsteps of Jesus.

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