September 14 – God Calls Young Samuel – 1 Samuel 3

Samuel is shown his purpose in life as a young boy.  God calls out to Samuel.  God’s uses a voice that could only be heard by Samuel as Eli was in the same house, but unable to hear God’s calling.  We know this is the first time God calls out to Samuel, because when Samuel hears the voice, he is very confused as to where it came from.  In the following years, Samuel never again has a problem distinguishing God’s calling.  It is important to notice that when Samuel heard the voice he ran to someone to help him.  It is important that parents point their children to godly examples in their lives.  They will need somewhere to run when they hear God’s calling, and you don’t want them running to a worldly role model.  It took three times for Eli to be woken out of sleep to realize that God was speaking to Samuel, but he gives Samuel great advice when he did realize God was speaking.  Samuel responds to God according to the advice he was given from Eli, and God reveals to Samuel what His plan for Samuel is.  Let’s make sure we also note God’s timing.  God spoke to Samuel at an inconvenient time . . . bedtime.  Samuel was tired, sleepy, and probably did not enjoy the thought of getting out of bed, but he did jump out of bed enthusiastically as the Bible said that he “ran” to Eli. 

Let us listen closely to the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Even if it is an inconvenient time, let us respond enthusiastically.  Let us run to the godly examples in our lives to gain more understanding.  Let us take the unique purpose God has given to each one of us, and please God.