November 6 – God’s Mastery of Nature – Job 40

In the second half of the chapter we do see God’s control over His creation.  God mentions His control over the mighty behemoth, which is a dinosaur.  Just as God has control over the circumstances, food, and water that behemoth experienced, God also has control over our circumstances, food, and water.  1 Timothy 6:8 says, “And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.”

The first part of this chapter addresses one of Job’s struggles.  I am careful not to criticize Job, because he was a great Christian.  However, we can learn from Job a lesson concerning our attitudes.  In verse 4 Job realizes that he needs to control his mouth, and to accomplish this, Job physically places his hand over his mouth.  He may have looked a little silly, but he certainly got the job done.  There are many times in a Christians life that he should place his hand over his mouth (or click exit on social media) to refrain from communicating something not pleasing to God.  God knew why Job needed to place his hand over his mouth, and God addressed the attitude Job was about to express.  Beginning in verse 8 God points out to Job this attitude.  Job was about to make excuses to try to avoid God’s judgment.  Job wanted to point out his own righteousness, but in doing so would condemn God as wrong.  This is exactly what we do when we make excuses to God.  We must be careful to acknowledge when we are wrong, and when we need to place our hand over our mouth.  Hurray for Job as he risks looking silly with his hand over his mouth, but stayed true in his relationship with God.  How well do we take correction?  Do we try to justify ourselves?  Let us be pliable in God’s hands.

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