October 20 – Paul Arrives at Rome – Acts 28

As was the case with all the locations Paul travelled, Paul shared the gospel of Christ in Rome.  As he gains an audience in his house, Paul preached and taught from morning until night.  He testified to the saving power of Christ.  He expounded the kingdom of God.  He did everything he could to convict the people of the truth in the Scriptures.  After all his efforts, we read a verse like verse 24; “some believed . . . and some believed not.”  This could have been quite discouraging to Paul.  He could have washed his hands of everything, and convinced himself that he had done all that he could do.  But instead of  slacking off, we finish the chapter reading about Paul continuing to preach the gospel with confidence.  Paul did not operate on whether or not he was considered a success.  He was totally focused of pleasing God.  I am convinced that if nobody trusted Christ from Paul’s preaching in Rome, Paul would have continued preaching with confidence.  He preached with confidence, because he knew that he was doing what God called him to do.  What is preventing you from attacking each day with confidence?  Do you know if you are following God’s calling in your life?  If not, you will lack confidence.  If you are, do not allow satan to steal your confidence.  Throw your shoulders back and hold your head up high; you are an ambassador of God, and you are on HIS mission today.