September 29 – The Year of Jubile – Leviticus 25

The year of Jubile occurred every 50 years.  It was like a reset button was pushed.  It was a reminder that everything comes from God and ultimately He owns everything.  Purchased land would go back to its original owner.  This was referring to the Promised Land that God specifically gave to the different tribes of the Israelites.  Anyone who purchased land would know that in the year of jubile, the land would go back to the original owner.  Indentured servants would be released from debt.  Indentured servants were those that “sold” themselves into slavery understanding that in the year of jubilee they would be released.  There are many more aspects of the year of jubile, but the main theme throughout all that happened was the treating this year as a holy year.  The people were to “hallow” the year of jubile.  Hallow means to sanctify or treat as holy.  Holy means dedicated or consecrated to God; sacred.  Today’s Christians need to recognize this same theme in their lives . . . everything that we have belongs to God, we are just using it.  My health belongs to God, I am just entrusted with it.  My money belongs to God, I am just entrusted with it.  My car, house, children, wife, church, job, relationships, and time all belong to God, I am just entrusted with it.  Can you imagine how your life would be impacted if you took one year to dedicate every part of your life pointing to the holiness of God?