October 3 – Warning to Fun-Loving Materialists – Isaiah 5

Isaiah issues 6 woes or warnings to God’s people.  The first warning is for those that place materialism as their top priority (v. 8).  The second warning is for those that drink alcoholic drinks (v. 11).  The third warning was for those that are cynical mixed with disbelief (v. 18-19).  The fourth woe is for those that are confused and morally reversed (v. 20).  The fifth warning are for those that have pride (v. 21).  The sixth woe is for those that justify the wicked and discredit the righteous (v. 22-23).  All these woes have one thing in common.  They all have “cast away the law of the Lord.”  They all have ended up despising the word of the Holy One (v. 24).  Neglecting the Bible always leads to rejecting the Law of God, which always leads to Despising the Words or wishes of the Holy One.  The reason these folks had such a mixed up view in their view of justice was directly related to their rejection of Scriptures.  What will you do with God’s Word?  How will you develop your child’s respect, understanding, and love for the Word of God?  How can we help others to not cast away the law of the Lord?