May 8 – Agrippa – Acts 25-26

Agrippa (King Herod Agrippa II) came with his sister Bernice to check up on how Festus was doing.  Festus shared with Agrippa the difficulty of Paul’s trial.  Agrippa, being curious about Paul, agreed to hear Paul’s case.  In chapter 26, Agrippa asks for Paul’s side of the story.  Paul proceeds to tell of his past training and experience as a Pharisee.  He tells how he once persecuted Christians.  He shares how God got his attention on the road to Damascus, and how he got saved.  He explains to Agrippa the new purpose, peace, and help from God that he enjoyed as a Christian.  In verse 27 Paul asks and answers a question pointed at Agrippa.  One of the saddest verses in the Bible is found in verse 28.  King Agrippa proclaims that almost Paul persuaded him to get saved.  King Agrippa almost made it to Heaven.  He almost escaped the eternal fires of Hell.  He almost escaped hopelessness.  He almost got to experience God’s grace, hope, love, peace, and joy as a child of God.  ALMOST!  So sad!  Who do you know that has almost trusted Christ?  Let’s pray specifically for them today.  May their almost be changed into most certainly!