February 11 – Gehazi – 2 Kings 5

Gehazi was serving the prophet Elisha.  Although he made a mistake that would ultimately award the disease of leprosy to him and his family, let us not forget that at one point he did serve God on an elite level.  Despite how spiritual or carnal you are, this story reminds us of just how susceptible we are to backsliding.  

Notice Gehazi was trusted by Elisha to deliver a delicate message to Naaman.  Gehazi witnessed the powerful healing Naaman received through Elisha, the man of God.  He saw how Naaman glorified God and denounced his own false god.  He saw Elisha turn down great wealth as a gift from Naaman.  Gehazi knew of Elisha’s financial condition.  Gehazi did not know how his own greed would be his downfall.  He did not know the ultimate price he would pay for his sin was leprosy for himself, his family, and all his generations to come.  Somehow, I think that if Gehazi would have known the punishment for his sin, he would have acted differently.  Remember, we can pick our actions, but not our consequences.  Let’s Please God today!