March 5 – Hezekiah – Isaiah 36-37

Hezekiah, King of Judah, is facing a personal attack in the passage we read today.  Assyria is invading Judah, but instead of an all out assault, Rabshakeh is sent to sow division among the citizens of Judah against King Hezekiah.  Rabshakeh claims to be sent by the Lord.  He indicates that the people will miss out on what Assyria has to offer if they refuse to surrender.  He then tries to sow discord against Hezekiah so the people will refuse to follow the king.  He claims Hezekiah’s God will not be able to conquer the Assyrians.

Hezekiah does the right thing in going to Isaiah for guidance.  When Hezekiah is given a letter demanding surrender, he takes the letter to God in prayer (37:14-20).  Hezekiah asks God to handle the situation.  Many times when I pray for God’s help, I find myself outlining the way I would like God to help.  Hezekiah does not do this, he simply asks God to save the kingdom in such a way that would glorify God.  In verse 36 God answers Hezekiah’s prayer on such a higher level than Hezekiah could have ever asked or imagined.  This encourages me to pray in such a way as not to limit God desire to exercise His full capacity to work in my life to be glorified the way He deserves.