March 27 – John the Baptist – Mark 1:1-11; 2:18-22; 6:14-29

John the Baptist was the forerunner of Jesus Christ.  John preached the gospel of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, and baptized new believers.  John the Baptist had disciples before Jesus began his earthly ministry.  He and his disciples had a reputation that others would later see the striking resemblance of Jesus and His disciples.  As Christians, followers of Christ, it is our very identity to be imitating Christ.  We should be mirroring Christ’s example.  

As with anyone who decides to live for Christ, John the Baptist faced opposition.  The reason for his imprisonment and eventual death was his courage in speaking the truth.  Because he spoke the truth many trusted Christ as Saviour.  

In today’s Christianity many are disillusioned into thinking that being a Christian should result in a life of ease and financial security.  Some get the idea that once you are saved, your life becomes problem free.  John the Baptist wore clothes made of camels hair, he ate locusts and honey, and did not have a large bank account; but, he pleased God.  Jesus Christ Himself had no place to lay His head.  Jesus never taught that earthly treasures are a result of pleasing God.  There were Christians back then and Christians today that were quite wealthy or poor, but this was not a symbol of their spirituality.

John the Baptist pursued God’s calling on his life.  He was the happiest he could ever be on this earth by accomplishing this feat.  It does not matter how poor or wealthy, sick or healthy, tall or short, male or female, old or young; we were created to please God.  Find a way to please God today!!