May 9 – Paul – Galatians 1-2 & Acts 22

Paul understood his purpose in life.  Paul took every opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many times he used his own salvation experience as an example.  Paul points out to the Galatian church that they have strayed from the true Gospel as they had added to the Gospel.  They had added Jewish customs and traditions to the grace of God.  As the Gentile population was being reached with the Gospel, Jewish “standards” were being tied to Salvation.  While separation standards are scriptural and should be followed, salvation is by faith alone.  While James chapter 2 points out that faith without works is dead, we must understand that works is a natural by product of true faith.  It is the faith that saves us, not the works.  Many times our focus is placed on becoming pleasing or acceptable in the eyes of man.  Many of our separation standards are put in place to be acceptable in the eyes of those around us.  To many times our standards are based on the assumed description of a “good” Christian.  The decision as to why we do not do drugs, smoke, drink alcohol, and etcetera should be scripturally based.  The standards of the way we dress and talk should be scripturally based.  These things have nothing to do with getting saved, but will be influenced once the Holy Spirit is living inside you.  Paul again mentions pleasing God is a priority, not pleasing man.