April 30 – Philip – Acts 8:4-40

Philip’s ministry was during intense persecution.  Stephen had just been stoned for speaking the truth.    Because of the persecution the church had been scattered.  But just as if you scatter embers of a fire and the embers start many fires; so did the Christians in the church.  Philip began preaching and many folks are getting saved.  It was during the time that he was seeing success that God called Philip to a remote place in the desert.  Upon his obedience to God, he is led across the path of a man of great influence trying to understand the Book of Isaiah.  Philip is in the right place at the right time, jumping at the opportunity that is presented to him.  This Ethiopian gets saved and baptized, then proceeds on his route rejoicing!  Praise the Lord for a great example of a Christian being sensitive to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, then acting on an opportunity.  Let’s look for opportunities around us.  Let us be sensitive to the Holy Spirit throughout our daily routine.