January 17 – Rahab – Joshua 2, 6

No little girl ever dreamed of growing up and becoming a prostitute or harlot.  No father ever desired for his little girl to grow up to become a harlot.  Rahab was a harlot.  Rehab’s name is mentioned seven times in the Bible; five of those times the term “harlot” is attached to her name.  No matter the background or mistakes a person makes, God can use you as long as you exercise faith.  Rahab showed her faith in God by risking her life to save the spies lives.  She believed the Israelites’ God was the true God (Joshua 2:9-11).  It was through her faith that she saved the lives of her parents and family.  It was because of her faith that she is mentioned in the hall of faith chapter (Hebrews 11).  James 2:25 pinpoints the amount of Rahab’s faith is directly related to the actions she took.  Do you believe there is a reward for obedience to God?  Do you believe there is a punishment for disobedience?  What actions do you take that reveals your faith in Jesus?