February 5 – Rehoboam – I Kings 12:1-20; 14:21-31

Rehoboam became the fourth king of Israel.  As he transitioned into this new role, he exhibited wisdom in seeking counsel.  He made his mistake when he forsook the sound counsel of the old men in favor of the trendy counsel from his peers, the young men.  The counsel the old men gave was for Rehoboam to serve the people.  If he chose to truly serve the people, they would be loyal to him.  God always blesses the servant.  Jesus came to this earth in the form of a servant.  A true leader serves the ones he is leading.  

The questions we must ask ourselves are: 

What is a servant?  The dictionary states: “A person who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant.”  As a leader your followers do not exist to serve you or your cause.  As a leader you are to be a servant.  

Am I a servant?  This is a question you must answer for yourself.  Let me assure you that the truth cannot be hidden.  You may fool yourself in claiming to be a servant, but you will not fool those around you.

Let me encourage you today to find ways to be a servant.  Let’s follow Christ’s example.  Let’s please God as we serve others.