January 25 – Ruth – Ruth 1-4

Ruth is a lady that was willing to do the hard things.  She picked herself up and pressed on when her husband died.  She left her home country for a country of strangers that would treat her as an inferior human being.  She left her family for a depressed, widowed, mother-in-law.  She crawled through wheat fields, picking up left over wheat that was spilled by the harvesters.  

Ruth is a lady that was humble, believed God, and a hard worker.  It is amazing what God can do with an individual containing all three of these character traits.  Life is not always easy when you choose to place God first in your life, but it is always abundantly rewarding.  Pleasing God is not always first nature in our daily routine, but it is always worth the conscious effort to do our best to please God.  Ruth listened to counsel, and was willing to obey.  Praise the Lord for yet another great example of the way God has used ladies throughout history!