August 3 – Wisdom from the Spirit -1 Corinthians 2

Paul is teaching the Corinthian church about the Holy Spirit’s influence on a Christians life.  He points out the fact that the natural (unsaved) man will not understand wisdom from the Holy Spirit.  He goes as far as saying that the natural man consider the leading of the Holy Spirit as foolishness.  In verse 15, Paul encourages followers of Christ to judge all things using the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  We are to have the mind of Christ decide our thoughts and actions.  We are to look at circumstances and the decisions we must make through the eyes of God.  We are to see things as God sees them.  To the unbeliever, these actions and decisions are not understandable and foolishness.  We are not to listen to or accept the judgment and advice of the unbeliever.  They do not have spiritual discernment.

A great verse that jumps out at me today is verse 9.  Here we find another promise of God with the condition that a believer must “love God.”  I am reminded that God has unimaginable blessings for me.  These blessings are “prepared” and ready.  God has already looked into the future and knows exactly what I will need.  He not only knows, but also has put the effort to prepare more than I could hope or imagine.  God is ready for my tomorrow, and He is ready for your tomorrow as well.  All we must do is love Him.