September 21 – Young Josiah – 2 Chronicles 34

Just like today’s youth, Josiah made some of the most important decisions beginning as a young boy.  At 8 years old he did not have to obey anybody, because he was king.  He did decide at 8 years old to listen to his godly advisors (verse 2).  At 16 years of age he decided to seek after God, to learn as much as he could about God, and how to please Him (verse 3).  At 20 years of age he decided to act on what he had learned about God.  He began to “purge” his kingdom of the wicked, hurtful false gods (verse 3-7).  At age 26 he decided to rebuild the House of God.  Today’s young people should follow this same example: 1) Don’t just decide to obey what you “have” to do, but decide now to listen and follow the advice of the godly people God has placed in your life.  2) You must decide to seek God, and learn as much as you can about God and how to please Him.  3) Decide to “purge” or take out the things in your life that are not pleasing to God.  4) Decide and rebuild the godly priorities in your life that honors God.