A family spent the night in a motel and the wife had awakened early.  She packed the bags and carried them to the car.  Returning after one load she accidentally went into the wrong room.  Seeing a sleeping man and assuming it was her husband, she shook the headboard and shouted as loud as she could, “Get out of that bed!”  Suddenly she realized her mistake, and she turned and ran out.  As she ran she heard the man exclaim, “Boy, that sure is some wake-up service.”

Sometimes we need someone to yell at us to “Get out of that bed!”  Get out of the bed of pessimism, laziness, carelessness, hatefulness, or worldliness.  For the Christian that wants to please God, we need to get out of the bed of complacency.  Get out of our comfort zone to serve God.  How will you please God today?